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What can we do for you? We can help you learn about and understand your credit score and credit report. We can direct you to other credit products like credit cards you may qualify for. We can facilitate a car loan on your behalf. Learn. Benefit. Drive away.


Make an in person appointment with one of our Credit Specialists to take an in depth look at your current credit situation. This will include an overview of your credit report, how it affects you and how the credit report generally works. In looking at your current situation, the credit specialist will advise on some ways you can work towards an improved credit score, or protect the one you have along with advising on what you may or may not qualify for in the way of an automotive loan.


Let us help you make a plan to take steps to improve your credit. Learn from your consultation, who to contact, and what you can do personally to remove incorrect information from your credit bureau. Consider what credit products you may qualify for that, if paid well, will improve your credit score over time. Understand and view any paid, or unpaid obligations and create a plan to best deal with those obligations.


Whether it’s taking steps to reach out to the credit reporting agencies, talking to credit counselor for professional advice, or taking advantage of some credit products like a car loan or credit card, that will report in a positive way on your credit bureau, we can help you with that plan.


We can help you learn about and understand your credit score and credit report. We can facilitate a car loan on your behalf which will greatly improve your credit. We can also direct you to other credit products like credit cards, which help repair credit as well. Learn. Benefit. Drive away.

The Car Club Reviews

“Extremely knowledgeable staff. Matt and Haris were very helpful and explained everything in detail. Got a better deal than I was expecting. These guys took a stressful situation and made it much better”
Brendan D.
“The whole crew was an extreme pleasure to deal with. Junior made me feel very welcomed and Nathalie’s vast knowledge of the financial side made me feel extremely educated. The professional and positive demeanor displayed was definitely a change from other places I’ve dealt with. The west end store is HIGHLY recommended and offers no disappointments. If you or someone or someone you know is looking for the best automotive experience…this is the place”
“The car club on Moodie Dr worked really hard to get me my dream vehicle, they put a lot of work into getting it for me!!! Couldn’t ask for better service! Would go back in a heart beat! Thanks for everything!”
Amanda R.
“I recently got my 3rd car from the car club, and like always the staff was amazing and helpful. I worked with Matt this time and he was professional, polite and listened to what I was looking for. Which made the experience that much more enjoyable.”
Veronica M.

417 Automotive Imports Inc. O/A The Car Club (and/or Autosonline) is focused on a very high level of customer service resulting in customer satisfaction. Our credit process is a cooperative process between the client and us, seeking out the best possible terms and conditions for an automotive loan. Clients are involved and informed each step of the way. “Guaranteed Pre-Approval” means; all customers can be approved subject to certain terms and conditions. Those could be based on rates starting at 0% up to 29.9%. While almost every loan we provide to clients is a zero down loan, a down payment may be required based on the approval to stay within approval guidelines and or vehicle selection. In some circumstances a qualified co-applicant may be required, or someone with a valid drivers licence or other approved identification. “Same Day Pre-Approval” means; within 24 hours (one business day) of submitting your application online, by phone, or in person, one of our experienced credit analysts will have adjudicated and, if needed, submitted your application for approval and have an analysis of your credit and financial situation that will allow you to learn the terms of your “Pre-approval”.