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1.9% for five years example. $10,000 financed including all fees and taxes, monthly payment is $174.84. C.O.B. is $490.43. Total obligation is $10,490.43.




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Much like homes, there are several options to choose cars, especially for someone who decides to buy used cars in Ottawa. We understand that every buyer is always interested to save some money on a used car, but it is also our job to make sure money is not wasted in repair. It’s a critical balance between risk and value that you have to think about, and we assist you in doing so.

Advantages While Buying Used Vehicles in Ottawa

  1. No need to think about depreciation while buying the used car
  2. Cost of insurance will be much lesser than new cars in Ottawa
  3. Large selection of cars across segments will be available within your budget range

We make every effort to provide you the best shopping experience for cheap used cars in Ottawa. You deserve to get a fantastic experience every time you pick cars from our website. Be sure to receive personalized attention while looking to buy used cars in Ottawa, whether it is your first experience for not.

Always in Excellent Condition- Used Vehicles in Ottawa

All the used cars in Ottawa that belong to our inventory go through an extensive reconditioning process on the basis of a multipoint inspection by our expert mechanics. Thereby, we ensure that you always get vehicles from us in pristine condition.

Customer Reviews

Ricardo Fernandez
1 year ago

Very friendly staff and really like to offer any help if need it, look after even after you purchased the car highly recommended. I have a very good experience so far. In my case i was taking care by Sale agent Justin and the manager. Cars are also in very good quality and low milage.

Joe Turpin
1 year ago

Was extremely satisfied with Justin (sales),the Professional team and his hard work, including the team around him. They made this the best car buying experience.Would definitely recommend this Dealership and co.

Lianne Lahaie
1 year ago

Excellent service all around! This is the fourth vehicle I’ve purchased from this dealer and once again, I am very pleased with the overall experience. We are a Car Club family and likely always be!

Jeff Spartalis
1 year ago

Yet again my boy Jesse Main hooked it. This will be our fifth car from Jesse and he made it so easy for my daughter to get into what she wanted and within 2 days she was home with her new car! Jesse goes above and beyond to make sure we leave happy and satisfied with our purchase!

Billie Spartalis
1 year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Jesse to purchase a Tiguan, very professional and great overall experience.

Paul Deveau
1 year ago

Justin and the Car Club team did a great job helping me acquire my new vehicle. I appreciate all the knowledge and help they provided. Thanks guys!