How to Get Bad Credit Car Loans In Ottawa

A person or company is said to have bad credit if they have a past record showing difficulty in repaying a loan.This causes a financial institution to decide that it is unsafe to lend them money.

It is hard to purchase a car with bad credit. A bad credit could be the result of poor spending habits and contingencies resulting in the depletion of your bank account. However, a car is an essential commodity for most Canadians, including those handicapped with poor credit scores. Fortunately, bad credit car loans are available to those to whom credit is inaccessible from customary lenders.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit car loans can be defined as the variant of car loans offered to people in Ottawa with low credit car scores. The difference between a bad credit car loan and a regular one is that it is meant for those with a credit score below 660. It is implausible that bad credit car loans are issued by non-traditional lenders. Who change their terms, rates and fees.

Where Can You Get a Bad Credit Car Loan

Credit Unions: Credit unions in Ottawa offer services similar to banks, and they operate as non-profit organizations and their primarily focus is on providing quality products and services rather than functioning merely for profit. So there is a greater possibility of getting loans here when you apply for one.They charge lower fees, lower rates of interest and are more compliant when it comes to offering small loans that would not be sanctioned by banks.


Availing of a bad credit car loan from a dealership can be a good idea.

Alternative Lenders:

Alternative lenders in Ottawa operate outside the market predominated by traditional banks. They can be accessed on online platforms that unite lenders and borrowers. An alternative lender can be a great source to finance your car loan. Acceptable to them are low credit scores, and they also consider factors such as your income in evaluating your application. Since the application process itself is easy, you can usually receive funds within a day.

Cost of a Bad Credit Car Loan in Ottawa

The terms and conditions of bad credit car loans are not as favourable as regular car loans. The following are some costs related to a bad credit car loan:

Down payment — Lenders stipulate a sizeable down payment, before they offer credit, which is unfavourable to those who do not have savings.

Interest — The interest rates charged on bad credit car loans in Ottawa are substantially higher due to the increased risk of default.

Term Length- Several lenders provide only short term car loans to individuals with bad credit, as sanctioning long term loans increases the risk of down payments for the borrower. Few lenders offer long term goals to lure borrowers into business with them, long term goals also come with lower monthly payments.

The following are the factors that qualify you for a bad credit loan in Ottawa:

1.Knowledge of one’s budget

2.Selecting a source that finances

3.Getting online approval which will require details including :

Proof of employment

Bank statements

Financial statements of assets and liabilities

Proof of identity

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